Silver, gold or colors:how to choose your jewelery pieces?

Silver, gold or colors: how to choose your jewelery piecesa?

Gold, colored or silver: tips to show off your jewelery pieces

Silver, gold or colors: how to know which jewelery makes you stand out the mosts?

¿Want to get started in the world of costume jewelery We leave you some tipss


We want to introduce you to a new space within the SLOW Republic universe. Whether you have chosen to get started in the world of costume jewelery or if you are already an expert on the subject and master all the techniques when creating sets, we will use this space to guide you when buying and combining your SLOW Republic pieces. We starteds?


We will give you some tips to know what types of metals go best with your hair, skin and eye color to get the most out of your looks. In styling there are certain rules (which we know are to be broken), but it is important to know them. One of them is colorimetry or color theory, which tells us what kind of tone we have in order to choose ranges and colors that favor us more. 

If your skin is brown, gold-colored jewelry will make your features stand out more, as well as garnet, yellow or green stones. On the other hand, if your skin is tanned and in summer you easily acquire a brown color, your looks will go well with almost any type of jewelry, both silver, gold and colored. But if your skin is cold and white tones (look at the veins on your wrist, if they are blue, your skin is cold tones), we recommend you opt for pieces of silver and pastel-colored stones, since they will combine better with your skin.


As we have already said, the rules are to be broken, but if you have just bought your first jewelery pieces, these tips will be your allies when it comes to introducing them into your day and day and that they do not stay forever in your jewelry box.


If you liked our practical information, be alert! Because soon we will be revealing more tips to be able to show off and show off with your SLOW Republic pieces. And remember, the rules are up to you!ú!

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